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Important Facts to Remember: Nucleophilic Substitution Part 1
rsou wrote in help_im_diene
Important Facts to Remember:

Stability Atoms and molecules do not actually go out to form and break bonds with each other. All actions are a part of electronic attractions to form a more stable product.
Nucleophile An atom or group of atoms that is attracted to a positive charge or nucleus.
Typically negatively charged.
Electrophile An atom or group of atoms that is attracted to a negative charge, or electrons.
Typically positively charged.
Nucleophilic Substitution Reaction
(Sn reaction)
A reaction where a nucleophile attached to a carbon is replaced with a different nucleophile.
Unimolecular Nucleophilic Substitution Reaction (Sn1) A reaction where the rate determining step for the reaction consists of only one substance. The first step of an Sn1 reaction is the departure of the leaving group.
Leaving Group A nucleophile that leaves the central carbon atom. Leaving groups are typically stable atoms or groups.
Carbocation A carbon atom with a positive charge. Carbocatoins are formed after the departure of a leaving group.


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